The Teachers

Kahlil Johnson has been studying Aikido since 1989. She was drawn to the practice after taking a class “psychology of conflict and it’s resolution” at University of California, Santa Cruz and has been training ever since. She holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree Black Belt).

Kahlil has trained and taught at many different dojos for the last 20+ years under the guidance of Linda Holiday Sensei at Aikido of Santa Cruz. She is the senior teacher at The Aikido of Truckee Dojo.

Born & raised in Truckee, Kahlil has recently returned to her home town to pursue her other passion of designing and creating unique leather bags and accessories. She is a member of the Riverside Studios arts cooperative in Historical Downtown Truckee.

Sally Jones has been studying Aikido since 2004 & holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt). Sally was introduced to Aikido while taking a Leadership course at Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership in Petaluma CA.

"I was hooked the first time I saw the grace and flow of Aikido.”  The lessons from training Aikido continue to help me deal with all kinds of situations that come my way everyday. I have a new way of dealing with stress and handling conflicts. Whats more - my skiing has improved, and I am much stronger in a more efficient and powerful way”

Sally started her Aikido under Douglas Dale in Tahoe City & now studies with with Richard Strozzi Heckler at Two Rock Aikido in Petaluma. Sally’s teaching skills are known to many in Truckee through her cross country ski coaching.

Sally is also a Strozzi Institute Certified Master Somatic Coach.